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What you need to know before buying Planning Software

Microsoft Excel is becoming a very popular tool for planning personnel. Although Excel offers some amazing options like the ability arrange your work, and to create it at any time you require it, there are other options. With all the benefits that online staff planners provide over conventional software like easy access from any location, in any time zone, greater flexibility in terms of customization, including various shift lengths per day or week, based on what is best with everyone’s lives, why do all that work just because someone suggested you do it?

1. The most well-known issue with creating a work schedule in Excel is the fact that it’s being sent to employees. When you share your schedules, it’s likely that they won’t be in the office on the day they’re supposed on their desks that’s why several versions of the same document are circulated! With the online scheduling program, there will be only one primary goal; modifications made instantly show up right away so no more confusion among employees.

2. Employees often have trouble opening Excel schedules of work that are submitted. This is a program that costs money and not all users have it installed on their smartphone or laptop. The latest versions have greater features for a more expensive price, but offer less functionality. Some people might need assistance using a different device, like tablets, which also have access to Google Sheets. You can open both apps at the same time.

3. It is a huge headache for planners when employees can’t work at their scheduled times. The best solution to this problem is to ensure that employees have access to their schedules and are able to find replacements themselves without relying on another person’s approval! Planners don’t have to waste time going through the shift schedules. This saves them from spending countless hours searching for replacements.

4. It is standard to provide alternative workers for employees calling in sick at work. It can be a tiring task for managers as they have to identify replacements and notify them know their assignments by email or via push notifications but there are some advantages! One benefit is that the assignments are made automatically, without human intervention. The second benefit is that you will never miss crucial work due to the fact that the replacement you chose was able to manage all tasks assigned while being at full capacity (and If not, then he gets back the following week). This lets everyone be involved in the planning.

5. The workforce’s availability is an issue to manage. With the right online personnel planning software, employees can share their schedules easily and quickly through the smartphone or computer that’s installed on them. The schedule is immediately updated to reflect any changes in the staffing structure, meaning it’s not necessary to make manual adjustments, saving time every day! When you are sending texts or emails about working hours, the planner needs to switch between several programs since these messages can arrive at different times which can slow down the scheduling process further than it did before.

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