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What Is A Multi-Panel Drug Test?

The federal government requires companies to law to ensure a drug-free workplace. It is important for the health of employees to stay safe and healthy at workplace. Employees are more than their salary. They bring energy and innovation to increase productivity and improve bottom line performance. Employers can help create a safe workplace without sacrificing safety or effectiveness by conducting tests in the workplace.

The use of drug testing kits becomes imperative when it comes to urine testing in the workplace. They’re simple to use for most people. However, the results can be quickly and accurately obtained with only one test. This can confirm if your employee has been using drugs at work. This can be the case in situations in which the employee isn’t certain about the type or amount of drug that caused his/her positive result. Multi-panel kits can be found to solve this problem. They permit users to access several panels, which means they can get accurate information from every class.

The multi-panel kits are a fantastic way for employers to be aware of whether employees are using prescription medicines. The kits include several panels that are able to detect different drugs as well as newcomer testers which means you don’t have any more worries about being caught out when it comes time to take care of the company.

The most popular drug test kits available in the market today are urine tests. They detect between two to 12 different substances at once which includes cocaine and marijuana. However, they also identify other drugs of choice like amphetamines or barbiturates. Urine contains specific antibodies that bind to these substances when they come in contact with them. This gives rise to an alteration of color in the fingertips of your hands after applying microwaves that are tested by the strip kit to its surface.

Why prefer them:

The single drug test is limited in their ability to identify certain substances and may result in privacy issues for employees. Multi-panel testing can reveal more substances. This is due to the fact that they need less repeated testing than single panel kits. Single panel kits can be expensive and aren’t performed in the same amount of time or frequency as employers would prefer. All it depends on is the culture of your business. Below are a few advantages:

The test for drugs detects prescription and illicit drugs. Employees cannot escape being detected. Drug abusers are often too uninformed or overlooked by employers who do not care about their health. This is not just during their lives, but after the drug has been withdrawn from use as well.

A majority of employees would prefer having their own samples if they had the option. Employers can easily gather a single set of samples from employees and send it to the company, which will save time and eliminate awkward interactions with colleagues who may have been using drugs in the workplace.

Employers can use drug tests to make sure that employees are free of drugs. Employers may find this costly since they have to test each individual employee with their own kits. These tests are more expensive than multi-panel teststhat don’t require as many samples and can cut costs.

Employees and employers will both discover the test kits simple to use, even without expert assistance. The test kits can be accessible at all times, so they are easily accessible at work.

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