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Is Weed Good For Your Body?

Cannabis is making its way into all corners of the globe, including clothing and food. It has played a crucial part of our lives for centuries as an economic tool and as a healing plant that can aid with anything from pain relief to epilepsy treatment to helping boost moods when suffering from depression.

Cannabis is among the most popular illicit substance in America. It’s been in use since the Middle Ages and includes more than 120 different ingredients. We’ll break them down into two categories phytocannabinoids including CBD and THC that will not get you high, but may aid in certain medical conditions. And the pharmaceutic cannabisoids available at Revelations Health & Wellness Center. They can cause users to feel drowsy, so they drink less alcohol.

CBD has many benefits for your health. From a study on mice that demonstrated promising results, to seven different regions where CBD has been found to be effective in increasing Quality of Life and reducing symptoms that are associated with chronic depression or pain like depression, we’re starting to examine the effects it can bring to our overall wellbeing! While you might not be familiar about cannabis, don’t worry there are other aspects to consider. For example, too much sun exposure can cause the loss of important antioxidants.

Blood Pressure

This study proved that CBD has a significant effect on blood pressure. CBD did not only reduce blood pressure during rest but additionally made the subjects feel more stressed during the cold pressor test.

Reducing Inflammation

CBD, also referred to as hemp or cannabidiol, is a compound that can be found in marijuana and hemp. It has been shown to reduce inflammation and neuropathy, which are two common ailments that sufferers suffer from them.

Prevention of Relapse Drug and Alcohol Addiction

It was surprising to discover that CBD can have a positive impact on those who are dependent on alcohol and drugs. A 2018 study discovered that CBD reduced anxiety and cravings caused by stress, as well as anxiety, which can trigger them to go back to substance abuse, however it didn’t alter their impulse control so they were still prone to get back into the habit as they had before.

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Treatment of anxiety disorders

With increasing evidence for CBD’s use, the advantages of CBD are becoming more evident each day. Preclinical studies conducted last year found that CBD can be used to combat anxiety disorders, panic attacks, as well as social phobia. This natural remedy can also be used to alleviate the stress of those who are unable or unwilling to put their worries aside.

Preventing Seizures

Positive results have been reported regarding CBD use as an epilepsy treatment. A recent study revealed that it decreased the frequency and severity of symptoms for those diagnosed with the condition, demonstrating the amount of progress we can still make in treating these terrifying illnesses.


With promising results, CBD benefits are becoming more widely recognized. It has been demonstrated to minimize the side effects of chemotherapy and prevent the growth of cervical cancer cells.