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How to clean your air ducts the right way

Clean your ducts if you have pet dander, pollen, or other contaminants in your home’s aer. This can be health-related issues for at least one member of your family , particularly those who suffer from asthma or allergies.

Cleansing the Air Duct

A professional cleaning service will visit the home of your family to clean the ducts. Prior to cleaning, they inspect the area. Then, they cover all windows and doors to stop the dirt from coming out.

They will clean your ducts after the pre-inspection. They will use powerful vacuums in this process.

The post-inspection process is the last step. This is where they inspect the vents for any signs of dirt. They will scrub any dirt or other debris that may have accumulated in the vents.

Clean Your Air Ducts at Your Home

You can also choose to tackle the cleaning by yourself but it could take longer, especially in the event that you aren’t sure how to proceed. Hire a professional cleaner if you want to ensure the safety of your family.

As you look for a duct-cleaning professional, ask them if they use their own cleaning products or those that are already used in your house. It is important to specify the reasons why you don’t want chemicals mixed in with the products you already have in your home. Also ask if they have backup plans in case anything occurs during cleaning.

Make sure to ask as many questions as you can, to avoid any misunderstandings later. There is no reason to not choose these cleaners over doing it yourself.

Air Duct Cleaning Benefits

Clean ducts will ensure your home is healthier and more comfortable for you and your family. A clean air duct system can decrease the chance of fires originating within ductwork. Clean duct systems can reduce the possibility of fire threatening your home or family.

It is recommended that you have a professional cleaning carried out every two to three years depending on how often you use the ducts and other factors like smoking or pets. A complete air duct cleaning should include a comprehensive air duct inspection to determine the need to restore and/or repair. This determination should be made by an HVAC professional.

The quality of the air inside your home can have a significant impact on your family’s well-being and overall health. In the home, such as particles of dust, pollen chemical, fungi and other substances can have a wide-ranging effect on the immune system. These substances can cause an increase in colds, infections and asthma attacks, as well as a lower resistance to other diseases. People who suffer from allergies or pre-existing ailments may experience more acute reactions.

In addition to its health benefits, duct cleaning can have a positive impact on your HVAC system as well as home energy efficiency. Since debris doesn’t collect and block the vents, an unclean, well-maintained duct system will perform better. This means that less hot or cool air gets to the area needed in the house and your furnace or unit will work harder, leading to more wear and wear and tear. Since your unit has to operate longer hours in order to distribute all the air that’s circulating around your house, this could lead to higher energy bills.

Clean HVAC system also has an lower chance of breaking down, which can lead to an interruption of the cooling or heating service. For very dirty systems the repair of air ducts could be required following the cleaning process to repair damaged ducts.

The benefits from the professional cleaning of air ducts have many benefits, but most importantly it reduces the number of contaminants you are exposed to each day. Clean indoor air is great for your health as well as efficiency of your energy.

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