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How Does Web Design Help Improve Your Business?

Mobile First

As the majority of revenues today come via mobile devices, designers and developers are creating more websites with the mobile-first mindset. Designers and developers who are involved in web design or web development should have knowledge of designing mobile-friendly sites. This is because it will make it easier to create apps that can be adapted to smaller screen sizes.

More Oblique/Organic Shapes

April showers bring May flowers and that’s why you’re experiencing more vibrant colours and rounded corners appearing on websites. Similar to form input and profile avatars backgrounds aren’t restricted to 90 degrees. Instead, they can be interesting from different perspectives. This can help users remain engaged for longer durations. It is vital to ensure your website’s design is current fashions. This can help to establish trust between prospective customers and you.

More animations, interactions and interaction

JQuery and other web technologies are helping to make animated websites more popular. These scripts can transform your website into more than only a platform for reading printed text, but also allow for interactivity between the user and elements on the page, something that was previously restricted to what you could do with images prior made available to the world wide web.

Websites have been getting more and more interactive. Instead of reverting to retro-looking design of the 1990s such as page transitions and sliding information panels can be used to make your website look more alive. These techniques increase interactivity and drive users to profitable activities, which can lead to an increase in per-visit (RPV).


In order to keep their website traffic at a high level and avoid having them transferred off-site, the HTML 5 tag is getting more sought-after. The increased number of platforms to host video content (including streaming) has made more businesses think they can handle this type of issue better than before with other technology like YouTube or third-party service providers that may shut down at any point, and using these tags allows a company’s videos to be seamlessly integrated into its site while also providing a wider selection of players capabilities.

Video backgrounds

With video backgrounds on the rise it is possible to use them to your advantage and boost engagement time with customers. This is because they help improve conversion rates by providing more information on what the company offers in a smaller amount of space than conventional images provide, and also make videos easier for customers who don’t have the time to read through text throughout the day.

Video backgrounds are an effective strategy to improve branding and the number of people returning. It is useful for any kind of content, such as videos for marketing and eCommerce strategies.

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